Written by Michael

So I went in today and gave my 21 day notice, after filling out the paperwork, the detective grabbed my passport and said I will be right back. Came back 10 minutes later and said that the passport is not valid and that I will have to get a new one because there is no identifier on it. She then gave me a highlighted print out where it says that you have to have the identifier. I have never gotten a letter stating that my passport is invalid and I have a call into the state department checking to see if it is in fact invalid. She gave me back the passport and a copy of the signed notice and I told her that I think she is wrong and that I will check with the feds. The highlighted sheet said:

“If you currently have a valid US Passport book without the proper endorsement, you will need to return them with your application for a new passport. You must submit a signed statement that says you area covered sex offender under International Megan’s Law and include the US Passport with your application.”

I contacted the passport agency and they can only expedite a passport 2 weeks before your travel date and that is only if they have an appointment available. Any help or information will be gladly appreciated.