Just Facts; Not Fear

Crime is a sociological phenomenon influenced by a variety of factors. The FBI discourages …making comparisons as a way of measuring law enforcement effectiveness. Some of this data may not be comparable to previous years because of differing levels of participation over time.

The data… is not an exhaustive report of all crime that occurs. It’s important to consider the various factors that lead to crime… Without these considerations the available data can be deceiving. Factors include: population size and density; economic conditions; employment rates; prosecutorial, judicial, and correctional policies; administrative and investigative emphases of law enforcement; citizens’ attitudes toward crime and policing; and the effective strength of the police force.

FBI Crime Data Explorer: crime rate in the US 2009 – 2019

Charts of Crime 2009-2019

These charts show the crime rate of both rape (with the classic and newly expanded definition) and murder, the two most violent criminal acts. For completeness, the overall rate of all violent crimes is added. Finally, the rate of property crime for relative comparison. To view the full size of the chart, right-click on the image and select ‘View Image’.

Rate of Rape Offenses (FBI-CDE)
Rate of Homocide Offenses (FBI-CDE)
Rate of Violent Offenses (FBI-CDE)
All Violent Crime
Rate of Property Offenses (FBI-CDE)
Property Crime

Ineffective Sex Offender Laws

As can clearly be seen by the data from the FBI, rape in the US has risen substantially since 2012. This increase began after the full implementation of the Adam Walsh Act (SORNA) by the states around 2011-2012. Somehow, it rose even faster after the much harsher regulations imposed in 2016 as an amendment of SORNA; one of the components being the International Megan’s Law restrictions. One might think, based on all of the hard evidence we’ve been sold by the legislators pushing these laws, that tougher, draconian “sex offender” restrictions should be helping prevent the only actual sex crime, rape, from ever happening. Instead, the law aimlessly flounders in open water destroying the families of those afflicted by it and creating countless victims in its wake.

At best, the Adam Walsh Act is an emotionally uplifting, divine waste of tax-payer money and law enforcement resources – that could be spent fighting actual crime – at worst, its an extreme act of cruel and unusual punishment that violates several international civil and human rights. This type of fear-based legislation hasn’t seen the light of day since German conservatives experimented with something similar almost 100 years ago.

To better grasp the insanity that is “sex offender” legislation, River wrote a good post about children being put on the registry. You can read the article here and watch our video on the ineffectiveness of the laws.

Human Rights Are Everyone’s Rights

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of human rights and live in the United States, then you can be forgiven. The subject is not approached domestically because the populace lives under the illusion that they are protected from government tyranny. Everyone runs around thinking and claiming that they have “rights”. They would be genuinely shocked to discover that the US does not recognize human rights as a thing that Americans are entitled to.

The US Congress has passed two major violations of both human and civil rights in the form of the Patriot Act (2003) and the Adam Walsh Act (2006). Both pieces of legislation blatantly violate the US Constitution as well as the internationally protected rights of individuals. They have also resisted legitimate legal challenges based on the outrageous notion that Americans, in the land of the free no less, are NOT protected by or entitled to any international human rights. The US Supreme Court confirmed that Americans have no human rights. Process that for a moment.

Watch our growing series on human rights for “sex offenders” below. River does a wonderful job breaking down some of the things that Americans don’t realize they’re missing from their lives in a “free country.”

Just Facts – Not Fear

Here is a detailed document of crime statistics created by Mariel Alper, Ph.D. and Matthew R. Durose of the United States Bureau of Statistics. They discuss the recidivism rate of “sex offenders”. It’s this rate that is often used, incorrectly and very deceitfully, as the propaganda to keep and enact harsh laws. The study covers the years 2005-2014 and was finally compiled in 2019… pretty quick turnaround for the US government.

Download the report



Key Points

  • During the 9-year follow-up period, about two-thirds (67%) of released sex offenders were arrested for any crime, compared to about five-sixths (84%) of other released prisoners.
  • Half of released sex offenders had a subsequent arrest that led to a conviction, a lower percentage than for all released prisoners.
  • Within 3 years of release, 28% of sex offenders had an arrest that led to a conviction, compared to 49% of all released prisoners.


This report (researched and written by the United States Government) clearly states that, contrary to the false narrative that is preached by politicians looking to exploit an unprotected and vulnerable minority:

Sex offenders are less likely to re-offend than all other released offenders from state prison. They are also more likely to commit a non-violent or property-style crime after release.

The non-violent/property crime statistic is unsurprising considering the insanely oppressive restrictions enforced through the AWA. After all: what is a person supposed to do when they can’t find any work, attend any school, have a decent place to live, or get any kind of government assistance? Turn to drug abuse? Steal a car? These inhumane laws and the stigmas they create perpetually make our society more broken and dangerous every day.

These papers are from the US Government’s own facts and figures repository at the USBoS. These are the numbers that are intentionally misrepresented, skewed, and outright falsified by our Congressional Representatives in Washington: further evidence to support the position that there is no justification and no rational defense for the application and enforcement of blanket-style human-rights violating criminal statutes like the Adam Walsh Act.