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“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.” ― Shannon L. Alder

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What’s New 12/27/21

  • New official trailers for Live Free Project 2022 posted to the Patreon page.
  • More videos in the pipeline for production including a multi-part series just for Patreon members of adjusting and integrating into a new society.

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Meet Jason! This is our second interview with a new successful arrival.

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America’s abnormal obsession with sex has finally spilled over into the realm of fantasy.

Our Vision

A world in which those who have committed sexually-based offenses are:

1. Held accountable, fairly and justly, within the acceptable parameters established by international human rights law;

2. Encouraged, during the satisfaction of their court-imposed sentences, to take responsibility for their actions and rehabilitate themselves in pursuit of meaningful and constructive lives; and

3. Reintegrated into the community as full and welcomed members without inhumane and ineffective living restrictions.


Persons convicted of any crime, including sex offenses, are members of the human family and thus are fully and equally entitled to all of the protections enumerated within the Uniform Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations, 1948) and all other human rights legislation.

Note: The term “sex offender” is an arbitrary term intended to insult and dehumanize any person ever convicted of any act allegedly contained within it: any component, regarded by the Adam Walsh Act (2006), as being classified as a “sex offense,” regardless of any real or perceived sexual contact or the involvement of any actual victim. It is a slur and should be treated as one.

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