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What’s New 9/17/22

  • Steve has finally finished his human rights case in Germany. See the latest update!
  • First-ever live stream from YouTube has been posted on Patreon! Watch the video here.
  • New consultation and travel assistance business in the works.
  • More people continue to enter all countries in Europe awaiting work permits/residence visas. Already have some that have their permits and are working now!

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From Shadow Prisons to Real Investment to Stop Sexual Violence

Right now, Minnesota is holding 739 people indefinitely in Shadow Prisons, officially called the “MN Sex Offender Program” — imprisoned after having already served their prison time, or even without being convicted of a crime. 

Featured Podcast

The Sex Offender Myth

From Podbreed.com: Marie is a representative from a non profit organization, Nebraskans Unafraid. Nebraskans Unafraid (NU) is a grass-roots organization that works to make their communities safer. They believe the right to safety extends to Registered Citizens and their loved ones. They work to change the draconian laws that deprive Registered Citizens of their jobs, homes and family life. They educate the public about the low rate of re-offense among those convicted of sex offenses.

Latest Video

A small update to the last video.
The final update on human rights case in German court!

Our Vision

A world in which those who have committed sexually-based offenses are:

1. Held accountable, fairly and justly, within the acceptable parameters established by international human rights law;

2. Encouraged, during the satisfaction of their court-imposed sentences, to take responsibility for their actions and rehabilitate themselves in pursuit of meaningful and constructive lives; and

3. Reintegrated into the community as full and welcomed members without inhumane and ineffective living restrictions.


Persons convicted of any crime, including sex offenses, are members of the human family and thus are fully and equally entitled to all of the protections enumerated within the Uniform Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations, 1948) and all other human rights legislation.

Note: The term “sex offender” is an arbitrary term intended to insult and dehumanize any person ever convicted of any act allegedly contained within it: any component, regarded by the Adam Walsh Act (2006), as being classified as a “sex offense,” regardless of any real or perceived sexual contact or the involvement of any actual victim. It is a slur and should be treated as one.

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