Confused and lost

Written by Garry SamHello to all, I am so glad I found this community. I am an Indian national who loves to travel around the world while I work in different countries. However, on my latest stay in USA (Jan 2020-August 2021) I ran into problems and ended up being...


Written by Zyzzyx6An amazing place to vacation. Zero problems….. return trip I was detained for about 30 minutes as they browsed through my suitcase. Other than that a beautiful week in paradise


Written by Steve PetersHas anyone hands any issues getting into Spain from the US? I am also interested in visiting Albania but not sure if anyone has tried visiting there. Thanks!

Are France and Poland good to travel to?

Written by chepeHello community, I just booked a flight through Poland as a stop to get to Georgia.  Will I be safe going through Poland? I went to Georgia last year, going through Germany.  Any info on Poland?  Thank you guys!


Written by Zyzzyx6My fiance’ is wondering about getting married in Belize. I saw in the matrix where Belize is. Y/N as to if I would be turned around. I was turned around in Roatan Honduras a couple of years ago and don’t want to go through that again. Anyone have any...

Going to Europe on Parole

Written by AaronHello, I have been keeping up with the videos and I have decided I want a better life outside of the United States. I want to go to Europe and move on with my life. My question is how though if I’m on Parole? There’s no way I’d get...