The decision has been made!

I decided on Christmas day that enough was enough. Even though in my state it’s not bad, it’s only going to get worse. I am tired of looking over my shoulder; not being able to RV without setting myself to a schedule so that I can let the sheriff’s department know. Having to be around every 3 months and wait for the sheriff’s department to show up because there is no set time or date.  The biggest fear is that I am going to do something or be in a place I am not supposed to, because I didn’t know, and end up back behind bars.

PTSD is real for most PFR’s (People Forced to Register). The older I get, the harder it is to make changes in my life, and there is no time like the present. I am shooting for mid-2022, maybe sooner, to move to a place where I can be myself; move at my own pace; and check in with no one before I do. I will start in Germany and move on from there. The monkey on my back has to go, and that is exactly what it is, a Monkey. Because only Monkeys play games all the time.

Today, I sold my 2016 Jeep Wrangler since I can not take it with me. I had to use part of my savings to pay the difference off, but now I will save about $600 a month. It’s only been 8 years since I left the gated community, but I have collected way too much stuff and it’s not going to be easy getting rid of it.

I am learning German online with Babbel and, of course, starting to put together what I call “The Folder” which will contain all necessary paperwork I need to make this plunge. At this point, I am ready, willing, and able!

Personally, I want to thank River for his inspiration that led me to this decision. I have been following his videos for over 2 years.  I have read his book and look forward to meeting him in 2022! The work that he and his group do is amazing.  I encourage anyone who is not a patron to become one and help support this amazing team of individuals.  They have gone out of their way to help all of us have and achieve a better life.  A fresh start, if you will.  For me, it will be a new beginning.  I am retired now and these last years of my life are supposed to be fun-filled and adventurous, not filled with hate and fear!

Lass den Spaß beginnen!

Let the fun begin!

19 thoughts on “The decision has been made!

  1. System Administrator says:

    We, here at JFNF, wish you the very best of luck on your journey to a life free from oppression. It won’t be easy, naturally, but we are here to help make it as seamless a transition as possible for all folks affected by the demonizing legislation of the American SO registry. Thank for your kind words about us on this side and, as always, feel free to reach out!

    1. William Hart says:

      I have a question about Social Security and living in Germany. I’ve read that Germany and the US have some sort of agreement on SS and Americans cannot receive SS in Germany. Do you have any information concerning being able to continue SS in Germany?

      1. Christian says:

        Good evening Bill,
        I looked into this as well, since I will be receiving my V.A. Benefits and will be moving in the next couple of yrs.
        You are eligible to receive all benefits you are entitled to, no matter where you live. The government will send them to the bank of your choosing. The only way those benefits can be interrupted is if you denounce your U.S. citizenship.
        Since Germany now allows dual citizenship, that is no longer an issue.
        Hope this helped you.


        Christian Seitz

    1. Michael says:

      I wish I could leave sooner but I have too much shit to get rid of! and two roommates. I am shooting now for Mid June and if all goes as planned I will be in my new home! I look forward to meeting you as well! Bis spater!

  2. brian says:

    Cheers to you all! I am also in the process of making the decision to leave the good old USofA. But, first, I want to see how the new SORNA regs will impact me here in Texas. If it is negative, I will surely be leaving.
    I only have to muster the courage and steele my emotions as to leaving what family I have left. Because, once I leave, there is no coming back. Steven. You and your staff have been an inspiration. I will be contacting you privately in the very near future.

        1. Michael says:

          You can send a message to River on this website, just look under contact and there is a drop-down menu. I plan on leaving by the end of June at the latest. Getting rid of everything is going rather slow but making progress. Let me know if you have questions and if I cant answer I will get the boss too!

    1. Michael says:

      It was a very tough decision and continues to be. Leaving family is hard but I will hopefully visit my older brother before I leave and my younger brother plans on visiting in Germany. I still wake up some mornings scared that I have made the wrong decision but the more that I think about it the more I believe that I made a good choice. I am just hoping that when I land in Germany that I will be able to make friends and start enjoying life again. Due to restrictions of the registry, I don’t really do much and when I do make friends, they inevitably learn that I am on the registry and they end up dropping me like a rock. So I tend to stay home and just chill.

  3. Christian says:

    I am leaning towards Spain. I enjoy the Med’s warm weather. I too have anxiety about this decision, and every day I have my doubts about my ability to follow through. Procrastination and all. But I am close to being off the registry ( 2.5 yrs ) , and am not just looking at getting away from the registry, but the corrosive environment that has come to define the U.S. in general. We have all seen the hypocrisy in the communities we live in. I for one am so turned off by the whole double standard. I have travelled around the world, and have found most of the countries I visited to be welcoming and non judgmental. Where ever I decide to hang my hat, I know I will be happier than I am now.

  4. michael stephen mann says:

    good luck . keep us all posted. im guessing most of us are just selling everything and buying a ticket to germany and starting over. we can buy a apartment building at this point lol

  5. loki says:

    the registry is very new to me. Although my charge and debt to society have been paid a decade ago. i too wish to leave here. but i do have children and a wife that adore me. if i had known a decade later that my plea would be null and void, although i never violated any terms and regained all of my civil rights, i would never have made the decision to start a family. i love them dearly and they love me as well. my wife knew of my past when we got together. but the registry was not a concern. because my charge was not a registerable offense. Until 2021, then it became one. I am torn on what to do. If i stay it is only a matter of time until all of my success made in the past 10 years is ripped away. Even people who know you and who you are, will treat you different. So far no one in my daily circle has found out that i now have to register except for my immediate family. But, i know one day that will change. i dont want to end up like so many others that have taken their life over the coonstant torment. As well as i dont even get any credit for the decade towards my time for removal.

  6. Lylli says:

    Loki – I am not sure why my responses don’t seem to come through? We are in a similar situation here in California. Never been posted online, new law in 2021, and now my boyfriend is listed publicly for the first time. How can that be in the interest of public safety since they did not seem to care the lat 10 years. What a bunch of BS.

    1. CT says:

      Hi Lylli,
      I am in the same boat as your boyfriend. 15 years and now I am public. I have an impressive post release story with college degrees, certificate of rehabilitation and even a Senator’s letter requesting I be pardon and it hasn’t amounted to much. I am tier 3, even though none of my crimes were considered force or violence and none of them are strikable. It is a joke what is going on here in California.

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