Rome, Italy Trip

Written by TravisI just got back from Italy. I had no issues. I went from Denver to Munich, Germany and on to Rome. At the Munich customs going in and out they scanned my passport, read my file and called their supervisor. They also asked me for my airline tickets. It...

Travel to Rome, Italy via Munich, Germany

Written by TravisIn October of 20230, I traveled to Rome, Italy from Denver, Colorado via Munich, Germany.  I am a tier 2 registrant.  I have the stamp on my passport.  I gave a 30-day notice to travel to my SORN officer.  In Munich, Germany nobody was waiting for me...

My Asylum Request Update

Written by CoryJust a update on my Request for EU Asylum: 1. There was no issue when I arrived (note Angel Watch did not notify the I was coming, because I arrive from anynother country) 2. Even when I told them immigration was very nice and helpful. 3. But, the...

My story, my plans

Written by GrizzlyHello all. I figured I’d take the time to introduce myself and tell my story. For purposes of anonymity I will use a preferred pseudonym.  I will go by the name Grizzly. In 2013 I was charged with possession of child pornography.  In my state,...

Marked passport

Written by JamesI would like to know my passport is not stamped would I still have trouble going to certain countries

Going to Thailand

Written by JamesI’m thinking of going to Thailand I’m a registered Tier-II offender I have passport that’s not stamped.  Any info about if I can get in or not any info would be greatly appreciated!  


Written by LeslieHi, I would like to ask if any one knows about retirement in Portugal? I see that they check criminal record any idea how long the conviction they will check if 5 or 10 years? We like to retire there so maybe  guys  can give us some idea or you can...

Confused and lost

Written by Garry SamHello to all, I am so glad I found this community. I am an Indian national who loves to travel around the world while I work in different countries. However, on my latest stay in USA (Jan 2020-August 2021) I ran into problems and ended up being...


Written by LeslieHi any idea about Portugal? We’re planning to visit Portugal this year, my husband is an RSO and have identifier in Passport, any one can tell me if no problem visiting Portugal? Hoping someone can answer my post.  ...


Written by Zyzzyx6An amazing place to vacation. Zero problems….. return trip I was detained for about 30 minutes as they browsed through my suitcase. Other than that a beautiful week in paradise


Written by Steve PetersHas anyone hands any issues getting into Spain from the US? I am also interested in visiting Albania but not sure if anyone has tried visiting there. Thanks!

Are France and Poland good to travel to?

Written by chepeHello community, I just booked a flight through Poland as a stop to get to Georgia.  Will I be safe going through Poland? I went to Georgia last year, going through Germany.  Any info on Poland?  Thank you guys!