Written by Travis

In October of 20230, I traveled to Rome, Italy from Denver, Colorado via Munich, Germany.  I am a tier 2 registrant.  I have the stamp on my passport.  I gave a 30-day notice to travel to my SORN officer.  In Munich, Germany nobody was waiting for me at the plane.  At Customs, the Officer scanned my passport and he did some extra reading of my profile.  He made a call to his supervisor.  He asked me where I was going, I told him Rome, Italy.  He asked to see my itinerary and tickets.  Overall, about 10 minutes and he stamped my passport and told me to have a nice trip.  I had zero issues when arriving and departing Rome, Italy.  Going back through Munich, I got the same 10 minute questioning and the phone call to the supervisor.  Again, stamped me out of Germany and told to have a nice trip.  Never disrespectful and always professional.  Arriving back in Denver, I got a quick secondary screening of questions and my bag scanned (an extra 10 minutes). Easiest US customs I have had since having to register.

I hope this helps people traveling to Europe.