Written by Doug

Hey everyone,


My fiance and I have been planning on getting married next year in Greece. I’m a RSO and currently no identifier on my passport. I was convicted of CP possession in California so I believe I need the identifier. It sounds from some of these threads and questions that it’s possible nothing will happen if traveling without the identifier but it’s also possible the passport would be revoked and we’d be stuck over there. Is this true? How does one go about getting a reissued passport making SURE the identifier is on it and not just given another passport with no identifier.


Also when giving my jurisdiction my 21-days notice, how detailed does the itinerary need to be? We plan on getting married in Greece but then hopping countries in the EU for a couple of weeks before flying back to the US. Am I supposed to present a detailed day-to-day country-to-country list that I MUST adhere to? And if plans change on a whim, would this cause trouble between countries or with the US? Does every country get notified from the US or just the country we’d be flying into? I’ve heard traveling by train is an easy way to “backpack” but is this troublesome as a RSO?


Basically my fear is that our wedding, though small (elopement) with just a few friends could go horribly wrong, could be spoiled, could be deported, could’ve gotten 3 weeks requested off of our jobs here in the states, only to be spoiled, sent back to the US weeks early with no wedding, confused friends and family who now need an explanation as to what happened….or customs between countries giving us (me) a difficult time even though everything is inside the Schengen zone. This will also be Sept 2025 and ETIAS would be in effect. So I’m worried about this too. My offense is a Tier 1 misdemeanor though it doesn’t matter does it?


And FINALLY, later this year I should be receiving my Luxembourg citizenship through family lineage (though not a passport, but may try and get one). What if I used a Luxembourg passport to travel with? Obviously I’d still be notifying my jurisdiction with the 21-day notice, but what if we flew over there, then I used my Luxembourg passport to travel anywhere else? Would that also need a RSO identifier? Would the USA know I was using the other passport?


I’m so thankful for this page and the community to know I’m not alone