Written by Grizzly

Hello all.

I figured I’d take the time to introduce myself and tell my story.

For purposes of anonymity I will use a preferred pseudonym.  I will go by the name Grizzly.

In 2013 I was charged with possession of child pornography.  In my state, a class C or B felony.  I was initially charged with a C.  During my time in county these charges were expanded and elevated, from a C-felony to the higher B.  No explanation was given.  At the time of my arrest I was a student in the last months of a tech school, utilizing my GI Bill.  That’s right, I am a veteran.  US Navy, stationed in Japan, trained as an electrician.


I will not deny my charges.  I will not make excuses.  I will not justify what I did.  I did what I did, I had my reasons why I did them.  I have paid my debt to society.  Like most RSOs I am continuing to pay that debt above and beyond my sentence.  I was sentenced to 10 years.  I spent seven of those in prison.  I just got off parole earlier this week.

I come to this community to get support and to give support where I may.  My military background taught me that teamwork makes the seemingly insurmountable a lot less challenging.

My state has a three-tiered registry.  Per statute I am supposed to be tier 1, however due to a clerical error on the part of the state I am a tier 3 with no hope of relief.  I have consulted with an attorney regarding this and they are willing to help, but I do not have the funds.

I am a certified aircraft mechanic and avionics technician.  Before my arrest I was awarded my A&P certificate, and my NCATT for avionics.  Finding work in aviation has been difficult.  Immediately out of prison I did find work applying vinyl wraps and decals to vehicles, but I was terminated some months ago.  I am waiting to hear back from an airline to start training classes, and thus start work.

If everything works out my intention is to save up what is left of my relocation and sign-on bonuses.  Over the years I will save up money.  When my commitment to the airline is up I will try to relocate to Germany or some other country in the Schengen Zone.  I know of methods to convert my FAA certificate to ICAO standards, and I will continue to investigate this.  A two week stay in Spain may be required for this, but that’s fine.

So that’s it.  A basic introduction, my story, and my plans.  I invite feedback/advice/etc.