Going to Europe on Parole

Written by Aaron

Hello, I have been keeping up with the videos and I have decided I want a better life outside of the United States. I want to go to Europe and move on with my life. My question is how though if I’m on Parole? There’s no way I’d get permission from them to leave the country. So my question is how is this possible? I do not want to get arrested at the airport. So Is there anyone that has had success in this area or know if this is possible?

3 thoughts on “Going to Europe on Parole

  1. System Administrator says:

    Parole is just a temporary leave of prison. If you abscond from parole, you are basically escaping from prison – which is a crime. You most likely can’t leave the country while you are still under supervision and it’s not worth it to try. Wait until your sentence has finished before you decide to leave.

    You’ll also need quite a bit of money in order to survive outside the US because you won’t be able to work for a while when you go to another country, if even at all. Right now, your best bet is to focus on getting resources saved up and making a plan down the road.

  2. Kathleen says:

    And if your sentence, for a police manufactured crime, is lifetime parole? Then what? I’d really like to speak w someone. How can I reach you?

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