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I know the founder of this site lives in Germany and it’s likely that a few other members do as well. So my area of inquiry seems best directed towards you and others living in Germany.

I’m trying to find articles about pre concentration camp Germany. How the Jewish registry was formed, how they were treated, and if it’s not illegal I’d like a translation of the police tactics handbook from that period both before things got bad, and any significant revisions thereon to the brittish d-day

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  1. System Administrator says:

    There is a plethora of information about the racial purity laws in Nazi Germany and can readily be found online. They began as a set of laws introduced to the public by Hitler at a rally in Nuremberg (henceforth known as the Nuremberg Laws) and are considered the beginning of the end for non-Aryan Germans. Many of these laws are mirrored in SORNA without the slightest hint of irony by the “freedom-loving” American government. As far as police handbooks, I would have no idea where you would find that information.

    1. Stile Parso says:

      No matter where I look the closest thing I can find to a full word for word copy of the nuremberg laws is a photocopy of a sample of them on Wikipedia and other sites. This is not them in their entirety, nor can it be run through a translator in that format. Maybe Uncle Sam is blocking all viable sources to avoid facing my very question?

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