Sheriff is trying to pull a fast one

Written by Michael

So because March 1st is my state’s usual 1st quarter registry, I had sent them an email to schedule a time to come in and give them the 21-day notice. They called back after scheduling it for tomorrow and the detective just wanted to make sure that I was aware that Germany may not let me in, she said that she had contacted the federal government to make sure she got the right information and was advised to make sure I was aware that I may not get into Germany. In a way I felt as if they were trying to scare me into staying. I told her I was aware of that rumor but know that it is not the case. It seems that all the federal government wants to do is keep a thumb on you, keeping you down.

7 thoughts on “Sheriff is trying to pull a fast one

  1. michael stephen mann says:

    Keep your head up and know that you have the option to leave for better life. randomly – similar thing happened- February 08, 2022- I was doing my 90 day registration and told officers I was looking into going to Romania or Germany. The officer looked at me and said “, “why would you want to risk doing that knowing they wont let you in the country?”. I explained after 25 years I wanted to start over and he went on a long speech about its a shame people don’t understand the limitations on their life and what they can do and that if registrants leave for more then 3 days they can no longer live in their house when they come back because of new laws. I told officer I would like to discuss 21 day period to plan for next quarter and was told if you can throw away thousands of dollars on a airline ticket just to get stopped be my guest bring a itinerary once its paid for and he would make a Xerox copy to send to U.S. Marshals. Biggest problem is that for 25 years most of us never thought about leaving the country so its unexpected when we bring it up. But yes i think we have options.

      1. Michael says:

        William, some cities, states and county’s have new laws about where you can live and could be that where he lives it is grandfathered in so if he leaves, its like just moving into the area. Fortunately Maryland is not like that.

  2. KB says:

    Could all be on how you look at it. The police told me the same thing but they were obviously (in my case) coming at it from a standpoint of not wanting me to waste my money on a failed trip; they knew of other registrants being turned away from Mexico.

  3. Michael says:

    On my 21 day notice, I was told that same thing that Germany as well as all the other countries are going to turn me down and not let me in and I told them that they did not know that as a fact and that I had done my research and that I am going. Period. Exclamation point!

  4. Lylli says:

    Wow, I wished you had that in writing how the Sheriff mentioned that people forced to register don’t know the limitations that are put onto their lives. Yet another proof that the registry is punishment and nothing else. Smith vs Doe keeps saying it is merely administrative, but clearly even law enforcement knows that that’s not true one bit. Hope you will have a better life in Germany. It’s a beautiful country.

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