Aruba concerns

Leaving for Aruba after Christmas. Last year’s experience of being turned away from Routan Honduras has me tense. I really need a positive travel experience. To be able to travel internationally and not be worried about arrest at every turn would be a dream come true.


I did just learn I can spend 5 or 6 days on the beach in South Carolina without any problems. I’m thinking in the future of using Myrtle Beach as my warm weekend get away

10 thoughts on “Aruba concerns

  1. Zyzzyx6 says:

    Successful trip to Aruba. The biggest challenge was the testing. I was pulled into secondary upon my return. They asked me a couple of stupid questions, went through my carry on for about 20 seconds and sent me on my way.

    1. System Administrator says:

      That is wonderful to hear! It’s always good to hear a successful international entry story. The harassment upon return to the US is to be expected every time, but thankfully it worked out. From all of us here in Germany, we hope you enjoyed your vacation and wish you the best of luck in your future travels.

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