John Smith

  • I am considering moving from New Jersey to Kansas. I met a women and she wants me to move out there. She knows my past and accepts it. My problem is parole. In NJ, there is something called parole supervision for […]

    • My uncle’s a registrant from Kansas. Not entirely familiar with their system myself being from south Dakota but from what I’ve heard, if south Dakota was a 1 on restrictive scale and my current state florida was a 10 I’d put Kansas at about a 7. I know my uncle became homeless and wasn’t allowed to see his daughter. Beyond that ur gonna have to ask a local.

    • I’m registered in Kansas. Kansas is one of the least restrictive states. Once I finished my probation, there were no restrictions for me on where I could go. You can go to state parks and breathe a little easier. If you have kids that are in school, the state has no restrictions. You may still need to let the principal know about your situation and tell them when you would be attending any of your kids school activities. The only catch for Kansas is that you will have to update your registration every 90 days.

      Not sure how Kansas would treat you coming from a differentt state but I think you would enjoy it compared to other states. Let me know if you have any other questions. I hope this helps.