Written by loki

I would really like some advice.  11 years ago, i was convicted of using a communications device to solicit a minor between the ages of 15-18.  I was arrested and held in jail under a no-bond condition. With no previous criminal history, other then a couple driving charges, I was looking at 5 to 20 years and I was fighting it until the day i was offered a plea deal i could not refuse.

I was told I would be able to go home and not be placed on the registry.  Although I would be a felon, it felt as if I needed to take this deal and not gamble with my future.  So I took the deal, and never looked back.  I completed all of my post release conditions; never once violated anything; got married; started a family and a business. 

My marriage and business prospered greatly; life was great.  I received all of my civil rights back and everything was perfect.  Fast-forward to November 2021… I came home to find a notice on my door from the post office.  It stated that I had a certified letter from the state police department and I had no idea what it was.  The next day, I went to the post office to retrieve the letter and to my surprise, due to a change in the legislature, my original plea deal was void.  I was now required to register after 10 years of perfect citizenship my life was essentially ruined!

So, for 10 years I was safe enough to live wherever I want, go wherever I want, and do whatever I want, but all of a sudden, I am not?  And I do know that I can petition to be removed in a certain amount of time, but the 10 years I spent rebuilding who I am and who I want to be, as a completely free man, do not count!!!  How is this fair?  How is this not punitive?  I just honestly do not know what to do.  This is not the America I loved while I was growing up.  I look forward to a response.  Thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement!