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Written by Joseph

Hi Guys,

Thanks for this forum.  I just joined to get some advice on future travel.

Some background:  I am a Tier I offender for CP.  In 2019 I applied to a new passport and recieved it 12 weeks later.  My passport does NOT have the identifier on it.  Should it?  I am thinking of traveling to meet my boyfriend in Fiji or some other place.  I hate to go through all this and then get stopped from leaving the country.  Any help would be appreciated?  What do all you other guys have on your passport?



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  1. michael stephen mann says:

    very good question. i will try to answer and also ask others to correct me. (from travel. state. dot gov website) {The identifier is a passport endorsement, currently printed inside the back cover of the passport book, which reads: “The bearer was convicted of a sex offense against a minor, and is a covered sex offender pursuant to 22 United States Code Section 212b(c)(l).” Since endorsements cannot be printed on passport cards, … if you have 12 weeks before travel the easy solution is to just reapply and attached letter formally requesting identifier. what to expect: previous travelers were allowed to leave USA without updated passport (some have stated detained before departure) and majority have said upon return they were questioned and a letter was sent to address saying passport is cancelled. eventually you will have to re-apply for passport. if you can do it on your terms its best to plan ahead. if you dont think you will have time before departure then its a gamble we all determine the risk reward. hope this helps and good luck

  2. michael stephen mann says:

    This is a reply from the group chat “””As far as the first question, it is hard to say. If you’re registered then assume you need the stamp. But what happens if you don’t have it? I know I and others have had zero problems traveling but at some point thereafter your passport will be revoked. But I’ve also heard of people not being allowed to leave without the stamp – but I don’t know details. It could be that their passports had already been revoked when they went to the airport (a revoked passport will cause you problems) “””” i cut and paste members answer for this page

  3. michael stephen mann says:

    another member also posted “”””Regarding the proposed new law, if you leave the country without the identifier and they cancel your passport all you have to do is go to the American consulate in the country of residence and apply for a new passport with the identifier on it, it doesn’t preclude you from entering countries that allow people with this type of conviction period”””””

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