They finally got off their ass and set a court date for me. If you live in Jackson County Florida and were charged with failure to register vehicles owned, then your court date is on December 15th. And you have about two dozen people facing the same charge with you. Three of which (that I know of including me )don’t have authorization (a license) to drive a vehicle. I don’t even know how to drive, much less own a vehicle but because I live on the same property as my mother I need to register all vehicles that are on that property for 5 or more consecutive days. That means both trailers, (campers but you can’t drive them) my step father’s semi truck, (which he drives commercially and stops home every now and again) a pure white pickup truck that some officer decided to call black, two minivans one of which is owned and registered by my uncle and a truly black pickup truck that didn’t make it to the arresting report. There was even debate on whether or not I had to register my mothers 6 kayaks.

Except for my uncle’s two vehicles every single one of those vehicles had been there since hurricane Michael nearly six months before I started living there. We would have registered all of them but because I didn’t have a license the sherrif said we didn’t need to. Nearly three years later I get slapped with this?!?


River, if you happen to have kept up your law skills I, and most S.o.’s in Jackson County Florida would appreciate some assistance with this.


The Monster