Traveling Later this Week

Traveling later this week. Transiting through Frankfurt where I hope to be able to clear passport control, and then continuing to Spain. Still concerned about the US sending an alert to Spain and having someone waiting for me upon arrival.

This will be my first trip back to Spain since new alerts starting being sent. Assuming the US sends it to the final destination. They’ll definitely know I’m coming because they are requiring all travelers to register their trip for Covid tracing purposes.

7 thoughts on “Traveling Later this Week

  1. brian says:

    Please let us all know how it goes. I am considering moving to Spain, Valencia, for its affordability and I have a few musician contacts there. Would also love going to Germany but I don’t know if I can afford it.

  2. Zyzzyx6 says:

    THAT excites me!!! I so want to travel internationally. The world seems like it’s getting smaller for registrants. Thank you for sharing your experience

  3. Colt Colton says:

    The path for residency in Spain is fairly easy and quick compared to other countries.
    Also, if your offense is due to age of consent (like me, 17 with 13), the attitude is a bit more lax since age of consent here is 13 and my crime would not have been a crime.

    1. brian says:

      Way to go! My offence was not that. However, I did receive Deferred Adjudication 10yrs and successfully completed that and my case was dismissed without an adjudication of guilt. No conviction. But, Texas still requires me to register lifetime. Go figure! So, that’s why I want out of here.

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