Aruba or bust

Having been rejected from Roatan Honduras last year, never being allowed to leave the airport and placed on the next flight home…..I’ve decided to give the Caribbean one more try. Aruba is a Dutch owned island and appears on the travel matrix as a destination that does not reject registered people. I plan to travel with my girlfriend and another couple. All are aware of my past. My CP conviction was almost a decade ago and I finished a couple of years on probation. I am a tier 2 and will not be removed until I am close to 80 years old. Has anyone attempted Aruba or can provide insight into traveling there?

Thank you in advance

4 thoughts on “Aruba or bust

  1. System Administrator says:

    Aruba sounds like a fun time! There are other islands down there that you can visit as well. The US Virgin Islands is a nice place (don’t even have to leave the US) but don’t try to cross over to the BVI… they’ll not let you off the boat 😉 Any of the European-owned islands shouldn’t give you any hassle. Tahiti (French Polynesia) is another option, albeit an expensive one, that you could enjoy. Keep in mind that mainland Europe will be reopening soon to all vaccinated travelers. Can’t wait!!

  2. Nelson Goins says:

    I have no idea but I would love to leave this country and stay gone. I am looking at Italy or Germany. I’m not looking that hard do to money but i am checking. I still have the lifetime federal supervision to overcome first.

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