I have noticed that since my release from prison the people i called my friends no longer are. Trying to make new friends is very hard for me and always has. Now with my record its all but impossible for me. I served in the U.S. Army for 14 years and was very proud to be an American. I flew a flag proudly. Now i fly a NASCAR flag proudly instead. I have come to hate America. I would never do harm to America but I have no desire to live in this country.

I have federal lifetime supervised release, 15 years of sex offender registration, I cant find a job, I feel ashamed and humiliated, and see no end. I would love to move to a country that won’t treat people as the Americans treat us. I would like a second chance in life and be able to start a new.

I agree: let the punishment fit the crime but when the punishment is over, it should be over. As a sex offender we are targeted by just about everyone. I don’t think what I did or what anyone did should be forgotten… but it should be let go.

If a drunk driver kills a child he gets punished. He or she doesn’t have to put a yellow strobe light on top of there cars to warn people they were a drunk driver before. There is more of a chance of them re-offending than a sex offender. (Editor’s Note: Link added to our site page that shows the US Government statistics proving this point.)