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I have noticed that since my release from prison the people i called my friends no longer are. Trying to make new friends is very hard for me and always has. Now with my record its all but impossible for me. I served in the U.S. Army for 14 years and was very proud to be an American. I flew a flag proudly. Now i fly a NASCAR flag proudly instead. I have come to hate America. I would never do harm to America but I have no desire to live in this country.

I have federal lifetime supervised release, 15 years of sex offender registration, I cant find a job, I feel ashamed and humiliated, and see no end. I would love to move to a country that won’t treat people as the Americans treat us. I would like a second chance in life and be able to start a new.

I agree: let the punishment fit the crime but when the punishment is over, it should be over. As a sex offender we are targeted by just about everyone. I don’t think what I did or what anyone did should be forgotten… but it should be let go.

If a drunk driver kills a child he gets punished. He or she doesn’t have to put a yellow strobe light on top of there cars to warn people they were a drunk driver before. There is more of a chance of them re-offending than a sex offender. (Editor’s Note: Link added to our site page that shows the US Government statistics proving this point.)

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  1. Christian says:

    I hear you and have empathy for your situation. By having the label “sex offender” branded on us, we have the unique honor of being hated for no reason other than the label. Ask most people (including your so called friends) what a sex offender is and you will get one of three answers:
    1. A rapist
    2. A pedophile
    3. A rapist / pedophile
    They have no clue as to the extent that politicians have gone to label every act as being registrable. Under these laws , most if not all citizens have committed some registrable offense. There is a saying ,” Custer died for your sins”, and in a way we are suffering for the sins of this nation.
    I leave you with this, the path life has put in front of you is not meant to be shared by others. It is yours alone to follow. We have been taught to seek others for support, but in fact we are strong enough to go through our lives without others. Not saying that someone might not want to join you on your journey, just don’t expect it and you won’t be left disappointed .
    Our strength lies in our individuality. You are unique. Embrace it and enjoy it. Screw those who can’t see it. They are too busy hating to realize how awesome you actually are.

    1. Thomas Fritz says:

      Funny, when I hear the words police, fbi, doj, I think the same thing, rapist of innocent people & families. I would be willing to bet that 1/2 the people on the list were innocent but because of KGB tactics by people like Tracy Thompson, Assistant Federal Prostitutor in San Antonio Texas, facing 28 years in prison or free by the end of the week release lies, many succumb to the “end of the week release” lies.

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