Greetings Earthlings,

Many of you have often spoken with derision at the American view towards those that are considered sexually deviant. You say things like, “that can’t really happen, you’re exaggerating, why on Earth would a society even think about doing such a thing?” Never having been exposed to it, I was as baffled as you. After becoming used to it, would you find it surprising that I find your bafflement… baffling?

As part of their rehabilitation, forced registrants are often told that a situation such as theirs is actually worse in any other country. They’re told that in Europe, individuals such as they, are usually used for medical experimentation; across the African continent they are apparently skinned alive; and we mustn’t forget my personal favorite: food for the poor in South America. I might address these views at a later date. For now let us settle on North America. Specifically in the United States, why does society hate us?

While the government calls us sexually deviant, society has an easier name. Think about what the word “monster” paints in your mind. If you are one who knows only the innocence of the world, you probably picture something like James P. Sullivan from the family movie Monsters Inc.  Kind of difficult to imagine him on the registry, so you laugh and ignore the silliness of society.

But people in pain? Those whose past haunts them see not the faceless vagrant of the night, nor the terrible wolf of children’s stories, what we picture is the face of our fellow man. Such a spectre haunts us more than any creature of the deep.

This fear is not rational, it is based purely on instinct. We feel it gnawing on us day after day, night after night. We know beyond all reasonable doubt that the beast is not hiding in the dark, yet still we sense it. So when the government shouts “bad man” and you hear society say “monster” we defend ourselves.

The pure evil of a registry system can be witnessed firsthand, albeit indirectly.  Politicians and the media do not show us the fourteen year-old pregnant girl crying and alone on the street because the law deems her a sexual deviant and therefore can not live in a home with her little sister. We never hear about the nine year-old forced registrant lying flat on the sidewalk, cloaked in two faceless black and blue uniforms, because he dared to get on the same bus he had no problems with the previous Friday. These are just some of the horrid examples of the insanity of the AWA.  It is a sad day for a nation when a pedophile sees more innocence in a child than their own parents who uphold the law.


Randal Boggs