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  • I’m impressed, Justin. This article is particularly well-reasoned. By I am especially pleased that you were clear in stating that we, on the staff of JustFactsNotFear, stand in solidarity with those who are oppressed for simply being themselves.


  • Summary

    On July 7. 2021, a German judge directed the German Embassy in Washing D.C. to formally substantiate factual claims made by an American citizen that his human rights have been violated by the Florida […]

    • The pebble that starts the landslide!

    • We can only hope and pray

    • This feels untrue for some reason.

    • Germany is fine; France, Italy, Spain, and Greece are fine; the EU/Schengen Area is fine. FAC has their heads stuffed way up their butts when it comes to legitimate reporting on international travel and they shouldn’t be trusted for this kind of information. Here’s why:

      What FAC fails to mention in all of their fear-mongering articles is the details of why a handful of registrants (dangerous ones, mind you) were taken off planes, turned around at foreign ports, or extradited from the countries they fled to. They were all breaking the law in one way or another, whether it was attempting to flee prosecution and active warrants, abscond from supervision, or some other major criminal offense, they were all wanted for something. DHS/Angel Watch/SMART are the governing bodies for SOs and they don’t do the things that FAC wants people to believe they do, like randomly stopping registrants from boarding planes (it’s the airlines from the destination countries that do this) or preventing them from entering foreign countries before seeing domestic CBP officials (which is illegal and a violation of state sovereignty in every country on Earth). They don’t do anything except send out emailed flyers… unless they have a darn good reason.

    • Any idea on the Norse countries like Ireland, Iceland, Sweden, and Norway?

      • Ireland has a sex offender registry and will require you to register there if you’ve been convicted of a sex crime anywhere.

    • Any idea on the other tree?

  • The Irreparable Harm of Placing Children on Sex Offender Registries in the US

    This article from the good people at Human Rights Watch discusses the effects of “sex offender” registries on youth offenders. […]

    • True, people do not care to live next to Murderers but next to Registrants, yes! It makes no sense.
      All those laws like the Megan Law have been created by the parents of the victims and the Lawmakers and is just a personal revenge of the parents. It is unfortunate what happened to their kid nevertheless their daughter will never be back whatever the anger that they have.
      I also think that they should have been charged for child negligence, child endangerment.
      The kid died because they were bad parents and now the society has to pay for it!
      The monster who killed that little girl needs to pay for it but not everybody has to pay for it!

    • John Walsh aka a man that created a sex offense law admitted having a relationship with a 16-year-old girl while being in his early 20s and aware of age of consent being 17 in New York, meaning that, had he been convicted, John Walsh himself could be required to register as a sex offender.

      • Not only did he “rape” this “child”, but then, like the complete hypocrite that he is, exploited the death of his son to both propel his career and support the oppression of millions of people… Many of whom convicted for doing the same thing he did! I say millions to include the almost 1M forced registrants as well as their loved ones who are also victimized by the Adam Walsh Act. This should be its own post – I think it would be a good read.

    • Being angry at things that didn’t and will never happen is wasted energy. Forget what Walsh did. That’s his burden to live with. We need to focus on improving our lives and getting past whatever put us in this position. He is a hypocrite and a liar, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am on this registry. At one time in American western territories, killing another person wasn’t considered murder in many cases, but then a law was passed and the very next person that did it was a murderer.
      Laws continually change. Sometimes better, sometimes worse. I just focus on my situation and how I can improve it.

  • Born and raised in Florida, I know a thing a thing or two about that state.  With two loved ones serving sentences in prison for sex crimes there, I know a thing or two about the sex offense laws in that state […]

    • Because when you look up the word hypocrisy in the dictionary it shows a picture of the USA. LoL Ok no it doesn’t but it certainly should. I don’t know where you’re from but America has always had a problem with sex, because of its puritan founding. Americans will glorify and oooogle scantily clad actor/actresses on tv or in movies this then places subconscious expectations what is “sexy” into the nations psyche and then act totally shocked when their child has a question about sex.

    • Moral superiority rarely comes tightly wrapped.

    • Lylli replied 2 years ago

      This case should also serve as grounds to not punish someone based on a static risk assessment years after being offense free.