• I would like to know my passport is not stamped would I still have trouble going to certain countries

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    So r u telling me no Europe will they do the same thing

  • I’m thinking of going to Thailand I’m a registered Tier-II offender I have passport that’s not stamped.  Any info about if I can get in or not any info would be greatly appreciated!


    • If you are a registered offender in any state in the US, then you will have to give 21-day advance notice of travel as required by the stipulations of International Megan’s Law. This will lead to an INTERPOL Green travel notice being transmitted to the immigration authorities at your destination airport. You will be stopped and questioned upon arrival. Thailand will not allow anyone they receive notice about enter their country. Having an identifier in your passport or not won’t matter. Once you travel on your passport (without the identifier) and it is discovered that you are required to have it, your passport will be revoked and you will have to get a replacement with the stamp. Do not attempt to go anywhere in Southeast Asia or any other English-speaking country because you will be turned away.

      • So r u telling me no Europe will they do the same thing

        • No, most EU countries don’t play that human-rights violating game that the US enjoys. You would be fine to fly to Europe as long as your ETIAS goes through.