Written by Robert

Looking ahead I will be off probation in 12 months. I feel “lucky” that my sentence was not as brutal as it could have been. I was given 3 years time served and 2 years probation with 6 months home arrest without ankle monitor. I was involved with an online sting where the individual was on an adult app and kept pushing me and pushing me to interact with them. I should have done the right thing and left the discussion but didn’t. So, I now live with the registry.

I have found in the last 6 months that its bad and in time it will be harder. Luckily, I have a decent job but if this one ends I feel I will have no other. Saying that is crazy since before this I had a government clearance job.

My relationship with my GF is very hard (as can be expected) and my family supports me but I don’t see them as I used to.

I feel my future heading towards Europe, as I have found this community of friends to be one of hope.

I am thankful for finding you.