Written by Crow

I have indeed myself dealt with the insane ideas that American justice system puts onto sex offenders.

In truth, we must understand that we are indeed still human. We have not in any way changed, except for a title we are force to carry.

What is a title except for to put someone in a category that limits a person’s own personality. Of course, not making excuses for the very harsh crimes. I am in-fact talking about where a person is fully, indeed wanting to change their very lives.

I am one of those people, however, in time it will happen. I am still waiting to be released from probation for my crime.

My crime was non-violent, and I do not intend to re-offend. I however, am looking for a place to really restart my life over.

I had told someone before, that America is the only country that I know of that holds grudges on mistakes. This person agreed with me.

Where I live, they have changed a law about the length of probation.

One year for misdemeanors. Five years for felonies.

This is year 5 for me, on paper.

Still yet, some counties in my state still want to hold ex-prisoners longer. Why give someone a hope, and dash their dreams of reconciliation?

In time, I want to be in Germany. Away from this place that holds grudges, instead of true forgiveness, and love.