Written by Michael S

I’m in the very early stages of planning a move. I am married but we are hanging on by a thread due to her cheating. There are kids involved her 14 yo son and our 4 yo son. I’m a fully disabled veteran, so I get some money every month, possibly enough to live off even after giving her money. It may sound crazy to think of leaving the country, but I don’t think I could survive myself living alone here. I mean emotionally and psychologically I might not be able to handle it. So my questions. If I leave on good terms, would coming back once or twice a year be a thing? Or once I leave it’s a one and done? Also, what part of Germany is best to start researching. I’ve looked up expat stuff but I’m just trying to get real life towns where people live. Thank you so much for this space, and any comments you may have.