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Written by Matt

I just got my new passport and it does not have the identifier. I tried calling the passport office to no avail. I would like to know, if anyone can tell me, what i need to do to get this resolved? Do I reapply for a new passport and pay for it again? Is there a way to get this coerected? My fear is when I do try to leave I will be stopped because of the angel watch and my passport not having the mark.

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  1. michael stephen mann says:

    hey matt- you have to specifically ask for the identifier on a passport. if you renew a passport and don’t send a letter requesting the identifier then you need to renew it again and submit the letter. if you use a passport they will notify you that it will be revoked and that you need to renew it them. its just a question of how pro-active you want to be. a quick google search will bring up the wording for the letter and instructions plus a website that generates a automatic response. good luck. I hope this helps.

  2. Steve Peters says:

    I had the same thing happen to me. I did, however send a letter with the statement that I was an offender and covered under the Megan Law. and they still sent me a passport without the identifier. I was lucky to actually call and talk to a real person. They told me where I need to send a letter to where I included both mt email and phone number. They called me within 2 weeks. Told me which form to fill out and to send the passport. To them with all that information. I received mt passport WITH the identifier (one page 1) within another couple weeks. Hope this helps.

  3. Mark says:


    I had the same issue happen to me. What form did you fill out? Was the form available via the web? Do you recall where you sent the passport and document?


    1. Steve Peters says:

      U.S Dept of State New Orleans Passport Center. Call 504-412-7311 and leave a message explaining your situation. I wrote a letter to them and gave them a scanned copy of my passport. They called me back telling me to fill out form 5504 the best you can. You will need to send another photo of yourself again. I also sent them my passport and a separate letter with the Megan’s law statement letter. I would call first because your passport number has a code that tells them where it was processed. So yours could go to a different location than mine.
      Good luck!

  4. Rich says:

    You’re supposed to have the marker but its still possible to travel without it. I have been out of the country twice and am yet to get the marker. They’re supposed to send you a letter, but I’m yet to receive mine. The last time I left the country before this time was about two years ago and not once did they send a letter. I even called to ask about it (did not give any personal information) and was told not to worry about it if I hadn’t received a letter yet. Considering I already had a ticket and didn’t have enough time to get a new one with the marker, I used my unmarked one and had zero issues.

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