I think we all need to see this!

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A man in Georgia named Derrick Crooms was released from his “duty” to register after several years on the list. Not content with a law-abiding existence, Mr. Crooms decided against using common sense and instead committed several sexual crimes against children. To no one’s surprise, he was rearrested.

Here is the link to an article out of Atlanta, GA.

This is exactly the kind of negative behavior gives all SOs a very bad name and prevents the public from ever feeling empathy towards the undue burdens placed on the majority of rehabilitated offenders. Please use your heads people. Stay safe and healthy.

3 thoughts on “I think we all need to see this!

  1. Kristian says:

    This is VERY sad that somebody has decided to re-offend. Not only for him, but for his family, the children that were involved and especially for the rest of us who are struggling to gain acceptance in society and to live a normal and unrestricted life. I am very disappointed but I know that this will continue to happen, unfortunately.

  2. Lylli says:

    Unfortunately, we only hear about those who re-offend and paint a bad picture on other registrants. If you told every story about those who do NOT re-offend, the newspapers would be filled front to back. Just like it always is a huge deal when a plane crashes, but no mention of the millions that don’t crash.

  3. Andrew says:

    This makes me disgusted deeply and makes it so much harder on the rest of us seeking to get relief or make changes to the system which just uses stories like this to tighten the screws and make things harder

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