Any idea how many sex offenders there are in the United States? Me neither, let’s ask Google.

°-° 0_0 0●0 what the ****?!? There are 750,000 people on it with more being added yearly. That’s 22 times the entire population of the Republic of San Marino with change to spare. If you’re unfamiliar with the place. It’s a country near Italy. That’s right, I said country. The Republic of San Marino is recognized as a sovereign nation. Does this mean we can apply as an ethnic minority?

Not that we could really connect enough to ask. God forbid a sex offender actually knows everyone going through the same thing he is. Notice I said he. If somebody happens to stumble upon the statistics responsible for my declarative distinction, you will receive the biggest star I can possibly type and at least one supportive comment on anything you post, or a friend of a friend, for those of you with at least one obviously fake name. (Provided I know you, or someone you support, posted it.)