I don’t know if it’s happening anywhere else but if you are a registrant of Jackson County, Florida, they either just got done running you through the system, are currently in the process of it, or are about to engage in such a process.

If you think you are safe from this, think again. I don’t have, nor have ever had, a driver’s license and don’t own or drive any vehicles, yet I just got out on bail (that was originally set at $2500) for failure to register vehicles, even after being reassured by the previous sheriff that my mother’s vehicles were her own and not subject to such restrictions.

They booked both me and my uncle without reading us our rights or buckling us into the police cars (we couldn’t; we had our hands zip tied) and when we got to the county jail they didn’t even know our names because they failed to transfer our papers with us.  We had to strip, shower, and change in front of other inmates and staff who were perfectly clothed.  My uncle wasn’t even givin a bar of soap, though he was covered head to toe in dirt from his lawn care job.  We got off easy but you might not. Think about that.

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  1. TJ says:

    I can believe that and more. After watching the state of affairs the USA is going through I don’t see much if any, improvement in the near future. I was thinking to myself, how long will it be before they herd us into concentration camps where we have no rights at all. Once there how long will it take for some politician to say it costs too much to keep and feed us? What will be the solution they come up with? Think about it. It has happened before to people that didn’t even commit a crime.

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