New SORNA guidelines

The New SORNA guidelines, if enacted, will supersede all states’ guidelines for registrants. The Tier system approved by the California legislature and that over 150,000 registrants have fought so hard for will be wiped away.  Misdemeanors will be required to update information 4 TIMES A YEAR! Internet identifiers will be required to be submitted by ALL registrants. The federal tier system will add 5 yrs to level 1 offenses. It will add more information about us to the public registry, and many will be put back on it after spending thousands to be removed. It will make traveling even more difficult than it already is. And worse, any infraction of these guidelines now becomes a federal offense.

This is the ultimate scarlet letter for us. I sat last night and listened to the Presidential address and thought, “He spouts Democracy is not dead while ignoring over 1 million of its citizens and the rights they are losing.”  As it stands I have 3 more yrs. on this horrible registry. I understand others have waited most of their lives to be released from the chains. Now the DOJ is about to hand down a death sentence to most of us.

What can we do? We have no power. We have no support.

5 thoughts on “New SORNA guidelines

  1. Zyzzyx6 says:

    While I am aware that Biden is known for enacting a lot of the current laws governing us, I also know that there are a lot of changes. The 6th circuit has declared the registry as punishment. I am not sure how the DOJ will get around that declaration. I choose a wait and see approach. The fight continues

  2. Andy says:

    Do you have any information or citations regarding the new SORNA guidelines so I can review the complete text? When were they proposed?


  3. Christian says:

    Just like the IML of the Obama Presidency, This President will ignore this as an infringement on our civil liberties. And once enacted, it will take years, if ever, to address and reverse. Meanwhile 1000s of registrants will give up and take their own lives, 1000s more will become fugitives, and 1000s more will be incarcerated for a simple infraction of this bloated and pointless law. I already know I will fall into one of these categories.
    If this isn’t a case of political persecution, then what is. This is akin to when the Nazis tried to purge their society of anyone that they labeled as unwanted. LGBTQs, Jews, sex offenders, anyone of darker skin.
    Why not just ask us to balance on one foot at the edge of a cliff. If we fall then it’s our doing, because all they did was set the requirements. It is up to us to be able to follow these insane orders, with absolutely no recourse.

  4. Allen says:

    Wow, this is scary. I hadn’t even heard about it until I was scrolling through this website. Having told on myself in 1993, then spending the next eight years in prison, then the next 15 years at Atascadero and Coalinga State Hospitals before finally getting out in 2016, off parole, in a stable home, and beginning to get a leg up in life, all I can say is oof! When will it end?

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