An FBI/HLS agent had his weapon stolen from his car in Sacramento.  Was he charged under the law that was written to hold law enforcement accountable for leaving a weapon in their car, unsecured? Nope!


Did this FBI agent get charged for attempted murder? Nope!


A new law passed and went into effect in California on January 1. It demands that cops be charged for second degree murder for a bad shoot.  3 cops kill a unarmed person, that was not a threat, in San Jose.  I think the cops’ personal addresses should be posted online.  Right now, law enforcement laughs when they kill someone because they have a “bill of rights” that allows them this privacy.

Civil-rights suit announced in fatal January shooting of unarmed man by San Jose police

These three cops should be in jail and charged for murder 2 yet they are free.

A registrant jaywalks in San Jose, and they could go to prison for life!

Hypocrisy at its finest.

[Editor’s Note: Post was edited slightly for clarity.]