Hypocrisy At Its Finest.

An FBI/HLS agent had his weapon stolen from his car in Sacramento.  Was he charged under the law that was written to hold law enforcement accountable for leaving a weapon in their car, unsecured? Nope!


Did this FBI agent get charged for attempted murder? Nope!


A new law passed and went into effect in California on January 1. It demands that cops be charged for second degree murder for a bad shoot.  3 cops kill a unarmed person, that was not a threat, in San Jose.  I think the cops’ personal addresses should be posted online.  Right now, law enforcement laughs when they kill someone because they have a “bill of rights” that allows them this privacy.

Civil-rights suit announced in fatal January shooting of unarmed man by San Jose police

These three cops should be in jail and charged for murder 2 yet they are free.

A registrant jaywalks in San Jose, and they could go to prison for life!

Hypocrisy at its finest.

[Editor’s Note: Post was edited slightly for clarity.]

1 thought on “Hypocrisy At Its Finest.

  1. Christian says:

    If you really want a good laugh, look on line at how many cops in the Bay area have had sex offenses leveled against them or were fired for those offenses, yet not one has been put on the registry.
    Politicians, law enforcement, and judges literally have to publicly molest someone before they are held accountable.
    A public official in the central valley was arrested for over 5000 photos of minors ( I had 6 of a 16 yr old) and was given a misdemeanor conviction with no registration. Basically a soft slap on the wrist.
    Get used to the double standard.

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