Are You Not Entertained?

The truth about California is an ugly one. While publicly they are socially and politically “liberal” and forward thinking, in their darkest corners, they are about as good as a drug cartel.

What kind of animal would put rival gang members together in a concrete pit and tell them they need to fight & kill the other gang members or risk being murdered themselves by guards in a staged escape attempt.

But wait, it gets better… They don’t just use rival gang members for these brawls, but also include people who are convicted of sex “crimes” in order to watch them bleed.

If you were to search the terms [California prison gladiator fights] you might find thousands of pages with stories about these state-sponsored murders.

When you plan an event, possess the murder weapon(s) (i.e. gang members), give them more weapons, and order them to fight or be killed: that is premeditated murder. Not one guard has ever been charged for their roles in these crimes… why? Likely because of the prevailing opinion that nobody cares about a few dead sex offenders or gangbangers. Members of a disposable society apparently.

Meet Janice

Madam Janice Bellucci is an attorney and works very hard to reform both the laws of the US and its mistreatment of people who have to register.

Although she is not alone at this fight, she is one of the key persons in the fight against injustice in California and the rest of the USA.

Please watch the video for more information.