California maybe the first to gut the slavery from the prison system.  After the Civil War, Jim Crow laws were past to put the slavery back into the system, allowing for inmates to be used as slaves, for those long prison sentences.

Often times, the charges were “made up” or just plan lies to get more “blood” into the system to pick the cotton, plant seeds and so forth.

This ugly stain in USA must go, and California might be the first to really abolish slavery, but that will not stop the Federal government from continuing to abuse inmates as slaves in California.

USA loves to criticize Governments like China for using slaves to produce products like iPhone to garlic centers.

The prison industry is a thriving business, the more police & DA’s convictions, the more money states make or save making products.

Texas prisons system is well known to produce cotton, animal products, fruits and veggies.  They are known to take the raw products like cotton, produce threat, mill threat into cloth, and make tee shirts, bedding, clothing and so on.  They are known to make high quality desks, tables, and chairs that fill every state/county government office.  Texas slaves are also know to have built the granite capital building, just for spite, one foot taller than the USA capital building (made from cheap concrete, not granite).

Texas Pink Granite: Its Formation and Use in the State Capitol

No way could have Texas built such a building if it wasn’t for convict slavery, nor could they afford such huge prison population, if Federal Laws outright banned slavery.

Now the top five prison population states are:

  1. Texas – 157,584
  2. California – 129,920
  3. Florida – 98,504
  4. Georgia – 53,094
  5. Ohio – 51,478

And isn’t it funny those are the same “worst” states with “Sex Offenders”… with the longest sentences for petty crimes like photos or public urination.

“Half of released sex offenders had a subsequent arrest that led to a conviction.”

But wait, Sex Offenders are stalked by law enforcement for life, by air planes, helicopters, bikes and fake joggers, and reading their emails, bank records, GPS trackers on their phones and license plate scanners to catch them.  So having half of them arrested later, for horrible crimes like creating a new email account, jay walking, spitting on sidewalks, or littering a surprise?

Not really, just shows that USA is not a free country, like with the KGB stalking CIA officers in Red Square.  Eventually the CIA officers make a mistake and are caught.

If the USA invested the same amount of time tracking car thieves, bank robbers, car-jackers, and minor thieves, they would have 10X the success rate of re-offending, and more slaves for the salt mines.

California’s step to end slavery, if successful is a major step to end human rights violations and the world might care what USA says then about other countries violations.  For now, most countries think USA are hypocrites.