Wyoming sex offender registry laws offers a chance to be relieved of an individuals duty to register.
2016 WY Code Title 7, Criminal Procedure, chapter 19 – Criminal History Records, Article 3, Sex Offender Registration. Section 7-19-304. “ Termination of Duty to Register.”

Look it up on law.Justia.com. All the criteria is laid out and easy to read. Basically, depending on each individual case, and the Wyoming equivalent of each case, it provides a way out, if you have kept your nose clean. AGAIN it depends on the case, and Wyoming’s equivilant, but if a person has gone 10 years  with no other sex convictions, and no convictions of any kind that could be punishable by 1 year in prison, you can petition the courts to be released from your duty to register. It also gives a 25 year duration. BUT that time does not include time incarcerated, or absconded. So if your case was 10 years ago, but you spent 5 years in prison, the time in prison don’t count. You’ll need 5 more years out, registered, and conviction free. Same if you did not register when you were supposed to. The time not registered does not count.

I hope this can help someone get free. Our human rights have been violated to the point it’s to widely accepted to change now I fear. I’m afraid it’s only going to get worse. So if you can, I pray you get free, and Wyoming residents, I pray I have helped in some way with this information.