A gigantic waste of money

This post is in reaction to an article from NARSOL: Registering Juveniles Creates Only Harm.

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The article points out that the cost (out of your pockets) for juveniles forced to register as sex offenders in the US is about $3 BILLION per year. My god! And that’s just for minors having to register. Imagine how much the whole thing costs for about 900,000 persons registered as sex offenders in the US. This is ridiculous.

The article states that, for California alone, youth registration had cost $140 million in 2017 for only 3500 minor registrants.  That means $40,000 per individual registered each year! Why the hell would we support such a thing? Not only should minors never have to register as sex offenders, but to do so at a cost of $40,000 per year? Seriously? So,  after 25 years, it’s $1 million out the window for each and every one of them! What a useless waste of public money!

I will not rest until this abomination is abolished for good. Sex offender registries make all of us poorer.  Please reply to this post with concrete ideas on how to stop the madness.

3 thoughts on “A gigantic waste of money

    1. CollateralDamage says:

      Totally. They are investing billions to lose billions. The only gain they have is US money from registrants will rarely be spent outside of the US cause of travel restrictions. Well, not physically spent.

      Which makes me think all registrants from USA should start buying 100% imported until sex offender registration is abolished. Economic sanctions against USA (From all registrants and their loved ones.) could really make a difference.

  1. CollateralDamage says:

    I might add that they are crazy to make emigration so hard for registrants. Since most of them don’t work and are a burden to the state, they should be very happy every time someone decide to move to Europe to start a new life. People lose all logic as soon as they hit the topic of sex offenders. It’s really pathetic.

    I just finished “Harmful to Minors” by Judith Levine. And there’s a ton of truths and concrete solutions in there. A wonderful book. I can resell my copy for a very decent price if someone is interested.

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