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Hi folks.

Today I would like you to contribute to the website.  List the things you or a relative/friend experienced because of registry requirements or legal conditions imposed by a judge. Even if this post is very old when you finally read it, please add your 2 cents to the list.

I will start by listing a few things, not making any sense, that my son had to experience and I sincerely hope you guys will add more wood to the fire. Please numerate your contributions.

  1. When my son was in the halfway house, he was denied the right to attend the funeral of one of his best friends. They told him that there will be kids there and so they denied it like it was nothing. That is disgusting. It is fair to say that no child was ever abused during a funeral in the history of man. This is abusive treatment: attending a funeral should never be illegal unless you are a convicted rapist and your victim is attending the funeral. This is not the case here and far from it.
  2. In Canada, sex offenders are allowed to vote but voting booths are often in places where sex offenders are not allowed to go, like parks and community centers.  When my son told his probation worker his voting booth was in a park, he was told, “Well, it means you cannot vote!”  Like it was nothing.  Basically, he risked prison if he dared to vote!  Jesus, are we in a banana republic?!  It’s Canada… how can this possibly happen?
  3. When my son told his probation officer about the fact that he needs more sleep than the common person (related to his autistic condition) he was told he was using autism to avoid the consequences of his actions and it was denied once again like it was nothing. After that, he suffered a burnout. Not from working too much but from the sleep deprivation and daily social interactions imposed by the halfway house. Read my full article on the subject.
  4. My son was suddenly forced to quit martial arts because the 14 year-old son of a black belt started to attend his adult class. Not only has he never abused a child (he was arrested for pictures of young girls, without any sexual content, taken from nudist sites) but he has never been attracted to boys. Once again, probation denied his request. This time saying he was not motivated enough in therapy which had nothing to do with the situation. In their perverted minds, they thought they would lose leverage over him if they decided to support his request for the change in legal conditions he desperately needed: to be allowed to have a 14 year old male in his martial arts class that had no business there in the first place. Kids’ safety was not an issue in any way. Even the procurer clearly stated that there was only females on his hard drive.
  5. My son, definitely not a child molester, was imposed legal conditions for 10 years that should only be imposed to serial child rapists. There is no way he would ever abuse a child. He always knew the difference between a real girl and a picture and, as it’s often the case with autistic people, he is a rule follower. Somehow he was misguided by the fact that the Canadian criminal code clearly states, that to be considered child pornography, a picture has to contain “a clear sexual connotation.”  So he allowed himself to gather soft pictures with nudist girls smiling while playing volleyball on the beach; pictures he thought were legal. He never possibly considered that, in consequence of that, the S.W.A.T. Team would break into his apartment, send him to prison, and tag him as a sex offender for the rest of his life. In his own words, prison was the easiest part of the sentence. But being a registered sex offender for life is hell on earth. He would give an arm or trade his criminal record for 50 lashes anytime, which is far less cruel than such an undeserved tag following you for the rest of your life.
  6. Your turn…

If we put together enough nonsense, we should make a video about it. Please contribute.

Thanks in advance for your help,


6 thoughts on “Please submit your nonsense!

  1. Christian says:

    I was fortunate not to experience any restrictions, other than the blanket restrictions imposed on all registrants by municipalities. I have never had a residency check, or any other inconvenience so many suffer through. My offense was a misdemeanor non incarcerated offense. My probation officer even set it up for me to call in vs. actual visits. Yet still I have a tag on my name and life. It shows how ridiculous this entire system has become. I have had my life turned upside down, lost my professional license and occupation and my home for what amounts to a severe traffic ticket. I can only imagine what others are experiencing.

  2. CollateralDamage says:

    Being tagged for life is just wrong. Most crimes should lead to automatic pardons 5 to 10 years later. Not only it would be more humane, but it would lower crime rates a lot. Being absurdly punitive sends the message that we prefer having more crimes and be tougher on them. Which is misplaced pride. Canadians prefer having less crimes and be softer on them. Which is a much smarter approach. It takes modesty and long term vision to think that way.

    As Donald Black said, they use crime as a diversion, to make us think the worsts threats in society comes from the poor, not from the rich. So they constantly set poor people up to fail, and while all eyes focuses on the poor, their power remain unchallenged.

    A good example of that is Trump getting away with the Stormy Daniels prostitution scandal, when poor men in the same situation become sex offenders for life. Even for much less than that, like skinny dipping, mooning and public urination. That’s just wrong.

    Donald Black also said “The law is fair. Whether you are rich or poor, the law forbids you to sleep under a bridge, beg for money or steal bread.”.

    1. Christian says:

      Canadiens are lenient on their citizens, yet ban foreign felons and registrants for life. It is a common thread among “ Christian” countries such as Australia, England, Canada, and U.S. Countries also bow to political and economic pressure from U.S. and turn into mere territories of the U.S. such as Thailand, Japan, and Philippines.

      1. CollateralDamage says:

        Canada is the beaten wife of USA. That’s life. We do as we are told.

        I think if this ban was not there a lot of registrants from USA would come to Canada and become homeless here. Which is 10 times better than being on a public registry in USA. And a lot of Canadian registrants might go to USA to escape their legal conditions. That’s probably the true reasoning behind this ban. They could not enforce legal conditions anymore.

  3. Stile Parso says:

    I’ll admit, other than my experiences in treatment, the forced isolation afterwards, and (ignoring my autism) thus my inability to become a productive member of society yet still denying my the title of dependant, (correct me if I’m using that word wrong) other than those mercifully simple and routine (ideal conditions for my autism, one of the reasons I’ve considered going back into the system, but I stop because I’m adult and I’ve never done actual prison time) restrictions I’ve yet to face the whole horror of being on the registry. Yes I have to go to the sheriff (called him since covid rolled in) every three months, yes I can’t get a job, yes random people call me by name even though I know I’ve never had the pleasure of knowing theirs, but I’ve had it easy compared to others.

    It has been said that humans are cruel by nature, perhaps this is so. The frailty of our bodies have forced us to eke out a living in the world that gave birth to us. Like the caterpillar that destroys the tree we know destruction intimately. It is in our nature. Yet we are also vain. In our vanity we see the destruction we wrought and we think it ugly. Like the nakedness of Adam and Eve we try to cover this blight upon our character. When the sun no longer shines upon the corpses of our conquest, when neither the rain nor wind, nor those that live and feed upon death, can breach the barriers we have erected to protect of self image, then these wounds of old will fester, and boil, and rage until no barrier can contain them.
    Most of my neighbors are like this. They will smile and wave and say all is right with the world. They are kind people when I interact with them. But when the sun does not shine upon their face? When they stare into the empty bottle and confront humanities ugliness in all it’s natural glory? They who did not rear their ugliness for the light of the world to see, at night they hunt witches.

  4. CollateralDamage says:

    Thanks for your reply Mr Parso. I didn’t understand exactly where you wanted to go with your poetic soaring, but I can appreciate a nice text when I see one. Welcome to this community. My son is an autist too (Asperger). I wrote a text about it on the website. In the “Personal” section of the BLOG. Please read it and comment. We need action on this website :O) … It’s been up and running only since last December, so there’s still a few things to correct. Feel free to send suggestions for the website to our system administrator.

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