• Nelson Goins posted an update 3 years, 4 months ago

    I want to move out of the usa bad but scared that with federal probation i will be brought back and sent to prison. I would love Spain or Italy. I am not sure about if i could go i would be able to find a job once there.

    • you cannot go if you are on federal probation, they will send you back to prison. Ask a lawyer.

      • That’s what I figured but I need to figure out someway to get out of this country.

      • How is that? If whatever country you go believes the registry is a human rights violation, they should protect you from being extradited.

        • No! Because you will never pass the frontier of USA if you are on probation, the probation must be over before any traveling abroad, on they will send you back to prison I you try to go and will get your passport.

          • River was parole in Florida, and made it to Germany. I don’t know facts other than that. I’ve never travelled abroad before. I don’t know if they scan your passport, run it, or just look at it. So I can’t say for sure. All I know is river, and a few others were on parole and that’s far worse than probation, and made it. Is it worth the risk? Prolly up to the individual! I wouldn’t try it personally!

            • It was a different time, now there is the 21 days notice and Angel Watch (will call them more Demon watch) that tell the country of destination to reject the registrant and do they best to prevent them to leave the country. River was lucky because he did not have that notice of 21 days. All registrants’ passport have a S.O stamp and a special chip that tell the country everything about you.

            • Did not know any of that! Where can I find all this info? Thank you for filling me in. I feel so sorry for those people on lifetime federal probation! Thanx again Sophie. I want all the info you can lead me to. I’m brand new to travel.