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    • Hi there Loki. It sounds like you might be in California? Are you referring to the new law that became effective in 2021? The registry is brutal and I hope it will be abolished one of these days as it is so unconstitutional.

    • I am in Virginia actually and it does absolutely seem unconstitutional. Everything I built is one person from finding out and it all starting to fall apart.

      • I am so sorry. We are in a similar position here in CA. My boyfriend was never publicly listed, but with the new law that started in 2021, he is now on Megans Law for the first time ever, and it has turned our world upside down. We are trying to fight this with an attorney, especially since his offense has been expunged even. What a bunch of BS this is. It has made us so angry and is taking a toll on our relationship even since we are both so frustrated, angry and at our wits end.

        • I absolutely understand exactly how you guys feel. That is exactly what has happened to me. I am also working with an attorney. But I honestly don’t have a strong hope. I feel like no matter what, no one cares. I’m just a piece of shit. And deserve whatever I get. But I will keep fighting till the day I die. It is unfair and I feel punitive.

          • I am not very hopeful with this either, but not doing anything is not an option. All laws that are passed always mention that the registry is not punishment. But it is, no matter how you look at it. All lawsuits are shot down, so that is frustrating. I wish you luck with your situation.