Proposed Strengthening of International Megan’s Law

Written by Justin T

While researching the requirements of the International Megan’s Law, I came across the new house Bill H.R. 6652 (relevant section 201) recently introduced in the House 2/1/2022.

I was unaware of this bill, but the Government is attempting to strengthen the International Megan’s Law by revoking the un-stamped passports of all individuals living overseas regardless of when they left the US.  They are requiring the stamp on all passports of those living overseas regardless of when the arrived there.  Apparently now, there is a “loophole” in the reading of the current law that those living overseas may not qualify for the stamp since they are not in a “jurisdiction”. I am unaware however if this has ever been challenged in court. They are wanting to close this loophole.

Also, the definition of a “sex offender” is amended by inserting “or would have to register if the individual returned to that jurisdiction after departing it to reside outside the United States,” after “jurisdiction”.  This is very concerning as the US is trying to stretch their reach by saying even though you are in a foreign country, you “may” return to the US at some point and will be required to register, so we have to keep track of you world wide because of some “future possibility”.

Finally and perhaps the most unsettling is that they are going to share your offense and criminal history with all countries that are involved in the Visa Waiver program.  Even if you have been living overseas for decades and the country you are in has no idea of your background, if this bill passes, they will be notified twice a year with absolute disregard to any collateral consequences to you or your family.  There is no mention of who will receive your information or how it will be used.  There is of course space for abuse and unnecessary deportations.

Here are a few links regarding this bill from some reputable sources.  Please read about it, inform yourself, and tell your families and friends that support you to oppose the changes!

Actual Bill Text (official US Gov link):

Write-up by Florida Action Committee:

CALL TO ACTION: Oppose Revisions to International Megan’s Law

Blogger with Good Analysis of the Changes:

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